Authors Gordon and Reta Young- Thorndale, Ontario, Canada.

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  • Aug. 27 - 1987 1 arrived in Denmark to begin programming the ewes I noted immediately the sheep were fat - the vet assured me all the animals were O. K. - Sponges were removed at 14 days - heat was observed right on schedule -- all ewes were hand mated and all rams performed perfectly.
  • Then disaster struck only one ram was fertile. We had a wonderful response from the ewes --- a total of 280 ovulations but only 14 embryos from 2 yearlings that were mated to a ram lamb.
What to do
  • We were in financial trouble as well as being very embarrassed
  • Nissouri's board met and wanted to approach Ottawa to try for a permit to import live sheep
  • We had a large investment in the Texels that were in quarantine. After about 3 weeks of frantic negotiations we had a clearance to import only sheep that were in quarantine
  • Not everyone would sell
  • Price negotiations had to be with Association not the owners. By early October we had purchased 18 head. Only 2 rams, Ottawa agreed to allow us to use the Sept. blood test provided the sheep would arrive at Mirabel by Nov. 15. This didn't happen because Ottawa couldn't complete their paper work.
  • We hired Samson Transportation to act as our agent and to arrange all shipping procedures. Samson is a European wide livestock exporter. They served us well. Samson sourced a charter flight, Martinair, out of Copenhagen to Chicago with fuel stop at Mirabel. Sounded too good to be true.
  • Scheduled for Dec. 28. We had to blood test the 18 head
  • On Dec. 20 Ottawa advised they couldn't get their paper work completed. Samson saved us having to pay for the flight.
  • Jan. 88 we had a very angry meeting with Ottawa, we reached agreement that the sheep would fly on Feb. 13. Another blood test was demanded and the sheep had to be flown from Jutland to Amsterdam
  • The crate must be sealed in Denmark and was not to touch any soil until Mirabel
  • They were to remain at Mirabel for 45 days and then they would be isolated at Thorndale for 60 days. Blood testing would be done in and out at Mirabel and possibly at the end of the 60 days
  • Mid March we were informed that most of the sheep were testing positive for several diseases. Another test in March supposedly showed only nine ewes were positive. We were refused any details on the tests and were told we could not see the test records. Another test in early April different animals were showing positive for only Chlamydia. 8 ewes and 1 ram. There would not be further tests and 9 animals were going to be destroyed