Texel Facts

Texel is the Meat Breed:

  • The Texel is a heavily muscled sheep producing lean meat. It will pass on this quality to crossbred offspring. Their growth to food intake efficiency is above average.
  • The wool is about 32 microns.
  • The Texel is the dominant market lamb producer in Europe. The breed is also gaining popularity in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

Meeting the Market Needs

  • Premium Quality Meat
  • High Carcass Yield
  • Less overall Fat (including less seam fat)
  • Quick to Finish (80 to 100lbs in 12 to 14 weeks)
  • Higher Grades and Prices
  • Fast Growth at Lower Cost

Research from the University of Wisconsin / Clay Center

  • Texel sired lambs have a 6-10% advantage in loin eye area when compared with other cross lambs. Also Texel sired lambs exhibit one full leg muscle score higher with less total carcass fat.
  • In the same trial Texel sired lambs excelled in feed conversion, requiring 15lbs less feed than other cross lambs to produce 60lbs of gain.


  • Across Canada Texel cross lambs are consistently winning market lamb and carcass competitions, also commanding top dollar on the rail.

Packers Comments:

  • "The Texel will produce the carcass we need to develop our lamb market."